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  1. Judy,

    I just finished reading your marvelous story, “Superior Mordant” in Going Coastal. Exceptional. The book was given to me by Aaron & Alli yesterday–we spent time together on Mother’s Day. They had purchased the book before receiving your autographed copy.

    You are a gifted writer–the story came alive for me. I identified quickly since Gram is my name–called by Evan (and Connor when he can say it). I am Mamie to my grandson Kaseem in France.

    I love your phrase, “when all is uncertain, everything is possible”. I have added it to my “phraseology” list. It is so true.

    Thank you, Judy. I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I agree that poetry explains the world!

    Take care.

    Joan Janusz

    • Joan, how very kind of you to write! I am so glad to know you liked my story. Seeing my name in print never gets old, and hearing from readers is even better!

      I don’t remember where the phrase “when all is uncertain, everything is possible” came from. I’ve seen various attributions, but haven’t yet found a primary source. My mom shared that phrase with me a few years ago and said it described how optimistically she chose to view her cancer and its treatment, which was part of my inspiration for this story. But of course, it applies to pretty much every aspect of life, doesn’t it? I like the turn of phrase “everything” rather than “anything” — so very reassuring to think that “everything” is within the realm of possibility at any given moment.

      I hope your trip to France went well — I’m sure your daughter and Kaseem where very glad to have you there. And I know Alli and Aaron are glad that you are safely back. I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful spring in Northfield. We are still awaiting its arrival up north…

      Thank you again for letting me know you enjoyed my writing. Most appreciated!

      Very best,

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