On the radio, part 2.


The podcast from my interview on the Aging But Dangerous show is available — once you’re on their podcast page, click on the link for the 5/18/2013 show. We taped the segment in two parts, so I knew there was a commercial break. What I didn’t know was that the commercial was one of their sponsors, a gynecologist, talking about women’s orgasms. Cool.

You can see writing ideas and prompts for telling stories from your life at Aging But Dangerous, but I’m posting it here in case you came to my website first. And there are additional writing prompts on my site here.

Does Writing Your Life Story — your personal history — sound overwhelming, and maybe… not much fun? Then start with one story from your life, and if you like recording that, do another, and another. Try one of these ideas:
–  write about someone or something you loved with all your heart at age 10 –  or 16, 38, 67.
–  tell about a time you moved from one place to another. What did you miss? What did you like/dislike about the new place?
–  write about a trip you took. Did it meet, or fail to meet your expectation?
–  is there something you wanted but never got? What filled that space?
– write about your jobs in the order you held them, and how you learned what you needed to know. 

Writing can be a scary business. When we do it well, we place a little bit of ourselves on the page, exposed and vulnerable for anyone who comes along to see, to poke at, to prod, to question. This is especially true when we are writing for family members. “That’s not the way it happened!” we fear they’ll say. Well, they may see things differently from where they stand. You can only tell the story you see from where you stand.

So, a word about telling the truth: there are facts and then there is the truth. It’s easy to find facts like birth and death dates, who lived where when, etc. But the truth of the lives lived around those facts – including your own life – is the story you’re here to tell.

Oh, and by Writing Your Life Story, I mean get the story down in whatever way most appeals to you – write, record, draw, photograph, paint, collage. Add captions if you need to, but first and foremost – have fun!

Need help? Please contact me at judybudreau AT gmail.com. The Association of Personal Historians site has a wealth of resources, as does the Minnesota Historical Society.



I’m on the radio!

Saturday morning, May 18, 9:30 AM on KLBB 1220 AM in Mpls/St.Paul on the Aging But Dangerous show, talking with hosts Jean Ketcham and C. Suzanne Bates about how to get started writing your life story. Yippee! Had a blast taping the show with them this week. Podcasts are archived in case you miss the show. Check out their web site and upcoming events —  and join me at one of their monthly Swarms.